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Please find below an example of canapés platters we offer.

The price per head for canapes allows 1 1/2 to 2 of each of the items per person depending on the canapé.


* 3 choices $16 per head

* 5 choices $25 per head

* 7 choices $30 per head 

Min. order 20 ppl

 (Prices are exclusive of GST)


+ Oysters served in the 1/2 shell (GF) with:

   - Fennel and chilli

   - Pink peppercorn

   - Watermelon and champagne

(season dependant)
+ Asian marinated pork/beef or smoked chicken on a crisp wonton 

+ Proscuitto wrapped prawns and pesto  (GF)

+ Lime and chilli ceviche  (GF)
+ Rare beef with horseradish cream and rocket in a parmesan 

+ Lamb and pinenut meatball with a tahini yoghurt sauce
+ Chicken skewers with a satay sauce

+ Chicken skewers with panko and rosemary crumb served with aioli

+ Fig and blue cheese tart with a balsamic  drizzle
+ Barbecue pulled pork sliders
+ Blini with beet puree and kaffir lime glazed cold smoked salmon 

+ Caramalised onion and fig on bruschetta 

+ Tomato and basil bruschetta

+ Pea and feta bruschetta
+ Mini hotdogs with a pork and fennel sausage and caramelised 
+ Baked Proscuitto wrapped Chèvre cheese with cherry tomato on Bruschetta

+ Pea and feta fritters with a citrus creme

+ Slow cooked lamb yorkshire pud with yoghurt, pistachio and pomegranate 


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